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    Friendly kindergarten centre in Everton Hills

    At The Hills District Child Care Centre, we offer a government-approved and funded kindergarten program. Recently, there have been a few enquiries as to how the kindergarten program we offer at the centre may differ to those offered by other organisations, such as private kindergartens.

    All government-approved kindergarten programs adhere to a curriculum that is developed by the Queensland Studies Authority. This organisation is also responsible for the Queensland primary and high school curriculums. At The Hills District Child Care Centre, we follow the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines, coupled with the Early Years Learning Framework, and work to develop specific outcomes for each child by the end of the year – preparing your child to confidently transition to Prep.

    We have a fully qualified early childhood teacher who has been working in the industry for over 12 years.  She is registered with the Queensland College of Teachers and has mentored probationary teachers in the past. She has also completed postgraduate studies in Learning Support for those children with additional needs and is a qualified Early Childhood Education Trainer.

    This year, the federal government changed the regulations for kindergarten teachers in line with the other states. This means most kindergarten teachers need not have completed their qualifications, nor do they have to be registered with the Queensland College of Teachers – they only have to hold a Diploma of Children’s Services and be studying towards their undergraduate degree. Unfortunately, many centres advertise they have a qualified teacher when in fact they are only studying towards their degree.

    For our registered teacher, it is mandatory for her to complete a substantial amount of professional development and study each year, ensuring that she is always up-to-date with the latest research and early childhood pedagogy. She regularly attends professional development opportunities such as workshops with the Queensland Studies Authority and the Queensland College of Teachers.

    Please be assured that what we offer at The Hills District Child Care Centre is the same (if not maybe a little better) than the education your child will receive elsewhere. The centre also has longer hours than many private kindergartens, allowing you more flexibility with work and personal commitments.

    Please feel free to call 07 3855 4445 to speak to our teacher or to organise a time to have a chat.

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